Sunday, October 24, 2004

Google launches desktop search engine

Google Desktop -- available in a beta-test form at for Windows 2000 and XP -- does for file finding. Once installed, it quickly builds a database of the non-system files on your computer's hard drive, then indexes the contents of many commonly used types of files -- Web pages viewed in Internet Explorer, e-mail read in Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express mail programs, America Online instant messages, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, and text files.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

See it and believe it !!!

American Chopper - my choice

Friday, October 22, 2004


They're not as glamorous, but home networks that use existing power lines could be a better solution than wireless for many.
By John MorrisExecutive editor, CNET Reviews

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FlashPoint USB memory sticks with computer-free data transfer

Xmultiple have created the FlashPoint memory stick which allows data transfer between sticks without the use of a computer. Say you’re a, erm, how to put this, proactive businessman with some important files on your Flash card. Say, then, you want to give those important files to a type-B assistant. Normally, you would have to get to a computer or laptop, transfer the files to the hard drive, and then transfer them again to the other stick. With the FlashPoint, you simply mate the two devices and let the transfer love begin. Cue up some Barry White, baby, and you’ve got a computer-free transfer goin’ on. Awww, yeah.

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